Frequently asked questions

General questions
Our customers come from academic institutions, the biotech world, clinical facilities, and pharmaceutical industry.
We have long experience from several different fields in biology, and our team consists of experienced bioinformaticians with different backgrounds. It's likely we will be able to quickly appreciate the scope of your research.
Yes, we are not limited by specific analyses. Our knowledge and background enable us to adapt to any type of analysis.
Yes, webservers are common in bioinformatics. We can setup, develop and administer and run databases for you. We also do the pure backend and interface development so that you can instead focus on the science.
It's very easy, first send us a message. Then we schedule a meeting or telephone call to discuss your needs. After the discussion we will prepare a quote with your project plan, what the deliverables are, schedule, and price tag. Then you decide if this matches your expectations, or we can refine the plan. After this you decide if you want to acquire our services.
No, we only help out with the bioinformatics. Our customers provide us with the data they want to have analyzed.
Since different projects come with different goals and timelines, it varies depending on the project. Currently, the median cost per project is $7000. Importantly, our fees are fixed, you will never be billed differently than the agreed price. Please get in touch with us for a more specific estimate.
Essentially, anything you want. The default option is a detailed report, which contains methodology, workflow, analytical pipeline, writeup for of the methods, results, data visualizations, figures, tables, and all the programming code written for your project.
Yes, you own the IP. We claim no rights to data or results, and we never reveal them to a third party.
We are agnostic to the organism or species in question. We are aware that certain organisms have unusual genome organization and composition, and we take this into account during the analysis design phase.
No, we have our own computing resources.
Yes. All programming code will be shared with you.
No, we do not need co-authorship.
This step will be decided together with you. Generally speaking, unless the datasets are too large electronic transfers are suggested. Transfers on harddrives or memory sticks are also possible.
It depends on the task, generally we use Python and R a lot. Although we are not restricted to specific languages.
We are not restricted to any particular type of data. Examples of data we work with include Illumina sequencing single/paired-end, Pacific Biosciences SMRT seq., Ion Torrent, and capillary (Sanger) electrophoresis.
Yes. Your data is treated with absolute confidentiality. We never share your data.
We are located in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. Our customers come from all over the world, including North America and Europe.